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New people are always needed, with fresh ideas and the manpower for functions that have typically been a community service. As a member, you are invited to help us make decisions about the Hall, Grounds and Ball Diamonds. We need your input. We welcome your membership support even if you cannot attend meetings. 


Your membership revenue helps to support volunteer-based community events. It also helps to offset the costs of operating the Hall and grounds; grounds maintenance, utility bills, repairs, insurance costs, equipment and furniture, garbage removal, septic maintenance, etc. With the last couple of years dealing with COVID and rising costs of everything, we have to look seriously at how the hall will keep its doors open with insurance, maintenance, and utility costs. With no casino income or much for rentals, the hall is in financial stress. 

The hall also looks after the ball diamonds, camp kitchen, playground, outhouses, parking lots, and mowing of grass and snow removal with a large cost, even with some members donating their equipment and time. Typically the hall has community groups using the hall, Tuesday sewing ladies, 4-H meetings, and a Senior ball league (at the diamonds). The Hall board organizes the annual turkey supper in the fall with the community and 4-H club donating items and time. 

Please click on the link to our Membership form. If you aren't interested in becoming a member but would like to show your support, we gladly accept donations. For more information, click the link below.

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